The Canada Sri Lanka Life Development Centre (CSLDC) & Canadapura

The Canada Sri Lanka Life Development Centre (CSLDC) a non-profit organization, registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration # 861720092 RR0001, based in Brampton, Ontario is interested in providing developmental support for these groups of Tsunami victims, poorest, and orphaned. Over the past fifteen years the CSLDC has been involved in poverty alleviation work with its counterpart organization in Sri Lanka, the Needy Children’s Scholarship Foundation (NCSF), a Non-Profit Organization registered with the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL), located in the district of Hambantota.

Since it’s inception in 1997, this foundation has provided for much of the needs in the poverty-stricken district of Hambantota, in Sri Lanka. Managed by a trust that is responsible for the operation and utilization of funds, the objective of this foundation is to provide monetary and non-monetary assistance and services to improve living standards of marginalized people who have become overnight as orphans.